Cast Nylon Sheet

Cast Nylon Sheet

Cast Nylon Sheets or Plates are generally superior to extruded Nylon-6. Cast nylon 6 is often less expensive to produce, especially for large geometries, large cross-sections, etc. The casting process of cast nylon 6 results in less stress than the extrusion process, thus providing better dimensional stability. Custom irregularly shaped parts can be cast to "near-net" geometries thereby reducing machining time. 


Some commercial applications of CAST NYLON can be given industry-wise, as under :

Industry Applications
Engineering Gears, cams, sprockets, bushes, bearings, gaskets, pulleys, liners.
Textile Loom pivot bearings, gears for loom and knitting machines, shuttles, rollers, cams and cam followers.
Metal Bearings, bearings cages, slipper pads, gears, bushes, wear strips, rollers, eccentric rollers, wobble box inserts.

Material Handing Equipment's 

a) Cranes / Fork lifts / Conveyors 
b) Ropeways

Crane sheaves, bearing pads, bushes, rollers, thrust washers, slides, guides, idle and drive sprockets, gears, wear strips and plates.

Wheel liners (tyres), wheels, bushes.

Automobile Wear rings, pads, swivel bushes, throttle linkages, bushes, shackle pin bushes.
Marine Bushes, gears, rings, trunnion bearings, rollers and roller bearings, stern tubes.
Paper /Sugar Mill Gears, bushes,   pulleys, rollers, bearings.
Bottling and Food Processing Starwheels, scrolls, guides, cams, cam followers, rollers, timing screws.
Railways Bushes, wear plates.
Chemical Balls, gaskets, liners, nuts & bolts.